Deeper Belonging

Rest in the unconditional Embraces of your Family, Humanity, the Biosphere, the Universe or anything in between.


Collective Perspectives

Gain new insights by taking the perspective as a Wider Embrace, transcending your personal viewpoint.


Web Awareness

Transcend separation by being aware as the web of wider Embraces that I am.

Wider Embraces is a new and unique method

Wider Embraces is a new and unique method that helps us become deeply aware of everything we are a part of.  It can be anything from our family or organisations to Humanity, the Biosphere and the Universe.

When we become aware of one of our wider Embraces, we can rest in that Embrace and feel that we belong, unconditionally. And we can lean out into the Embrace, taking it as our first-person perspective and gain new insights.

WE is great for personal development and for working with our personal relations in a gentle way, but the greatest potential lays in working with two of our widest Embraces – Humanity and the Biosphere. We really need to sort out this relationship now on planet Earth. If you are interested in this work, please read the blog and check out the Experience page and join in!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

Planet Earth

Wider Embraces offers:

  • Perspectives – Wider Embraces explores the collective dimensions in a radically new way, making large parts of reality visible, that can’t be seen from an individual viewpoint
  • Belonging – Wider Embraces lets you connect to, rest in and feel a deep belonging to everything you are a part of, from family to Universe.
  • Worldview – Wider Embraces is a tool for personal development, leadership and most of all to handle the global challenges we are facing on this planet.

Link to the Formal Definition of Wider Embraces.

Wider Embraces challenges:

  • Wider Embraces challenges the materialistic worldview by offering a method that let us experience its subjectivity from a first-person perspective.
  • Wider Embraces challenges the individualistic worldview by offering a real collective perspective.
  • Wider Embraces challenges the spiritual worldview by offering alternative interpretations of what is seen as inner personal or other-worldly experiences.

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