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Wider Embraces

The Wider Embraces Project has three parts:

Deeper Belonging

Wider Embraces is an easy method to become aware of how deeply we belong to all our Wider Embraces, from the Universe and Biosphere, to humanity, country and family, and everything in between. To rest in our Wider Embraces is very healing, all the way up and down.

Guided Embraces that you can listen to, will be posted on this site in the near future. There will also be free, online Embraces for everyone to join.

Collective Perspectives

Wider Embraces is also a method that let us take first person, collective perspectives and see and feel as all our Wider Embraces. It can be any Embrace, from our family, organisation, country or the Biosphere. These wider perspectives often creates new insights and aha-moments.

Working with taking these perspectives is best done in a small group with an experienced guide, online or in person.

Healing the splits

Based on our experiences from working with the method, we see three areas where Wider Embraces can help healing the split:

  • The splits inside Humanity – Embracing everything we are, all our identities; individual, family and clan member, ethnicity, religious belonging, national and world citizen. Owning all of them.
  • The split between Nature and Culture – Experiencing Humanity inside the Biosphere, as a species that belongs here on planet Earth, together with all other living beings.
  • The split between Spirit and  Science – Realising that what we call Spirit, can be seen as an experience of the subjectivity of the objective scientific worldview. A first person experience of a collective Wider Embrace. Don’t worry if you didn’t get i right away, it will be explained and you will get it with as you practice the methods.

The new blog will start …

It’s five years since the question “Who is embracing?” came to me. It’s soon time to start a new blog and take the project to the next level.

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