Wider Embraces – Welcome!


Deeper Belonging

Rest in the unconditional Embrace of your Family, Humanity, the Biosphere, the Universe or anything in between.


Collective Perspectives

Gain new insights by taking the perspective as a Wider Embrace, transcending your personal viewpoint. 


Healing the Splits

Heal the splits inside Humanity, between Humanity and the Biosphere and between Spirituality and Science.

– I am the Embrace of the Biosphere

It was life-changing the first time I took the perspective as the Embrace of the Biosphere and held all my parts, all living beings, including all humans, unconditionally.

To know a lot about ecology is not the same as experience our global ecosystem from the inside, from a first person perspective. Wider Embraces is a new and unique method that let you do this in an easy way.

All your Wider Embraces are around you.
They are you and you are part of them. 

The Embrace of the Biosphere is only one of all the perspectives we have access to. Everything I’m a part of, is also who I am. The Wider Embraces transcends the idea of separation, without reducing everything to oneness. 

Sustainability, meditation and healing 

I’ve been a part of the environmental movement since the 70s and I’ve also done a lot of meditation and healing-work. It has been two parallel paths, they have supported each other but has been separate. When the question “Who is Embracing?” came to me in June 2012, they became one path. 

The beauty, the belonging, the borders in the borderless whole.

The inside of the scientific map

Wider Embraces uses the scientific map, exploring it from the inside, subjectively, from a first person perspective. Everything with some kind of borders, with an outside and an inside, is an Embrace. It can be based on physical, biological or cultural borders and any combinations and sizes.

Taking a stand for all the beautiful, complex systems we are part of, and that we also are.

Personal transformation and deep belonging

When you start to experience your wider Embraces on a more regular basis, it will slowly change how you see yourself and the world:

  • You will feel more connected to everything around you.
  • You will get insights that are hard to get in other ways.
  • You will have a tool for calming down in stressing situations.

Takes a bit effort but most of all an open mind

It’s impossible to grasp the concept of the Wider Embraces from reading about them. We are so deeply embedded in a culture that is perceiving the world from an individual point of view, that it’s hard to even imagine something else. The only way of getting it is to dive in with an open mind and heart and try it for yourself. 

You can listen to a recorded Guided Embrace and get a sense of the concept, but changing your perspective is best done together with others and with a guide that can facilitate the process. 

Being aware of, and as, the complex system I am.

From “Culture vs Nature” to one Biosphere

The immense challenges we are facing on our planet are caused by ideas that were formed thousands of years ago. They have served us well up to this point, but they have no real solutions for today’s problems.

If we and all living beings are going to thrive on this planet, we have to realise that we, as humans, are part of the Biosphere. Humanity is inside the Biosphere, nature and culture are not separate. There is nothing out there separate from us, we are all embedded in the Biosphere, in the Solar system, in the Universe.

Are your wider Embraces calling you?

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See you in one of our common Embraces!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

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