You are responsible for your own safety

Wider Embraces is a new method and the guide will do their best to keep everyone safe, but there are no guarantees. When you participate in any form of Wider Embraces you have to take full responsibility for yourself and your safety. This also includes listening to recorded sessions. 

Refrain if you have any psychological vulnerability

If you have any form of psychological vulnerability, it is a good idea to refrain from participating, especially the practice that explores our wider Embraces from a first person perspective.

To listen to a Guided Embrace and just rest in our common Wider Embraces, without taking them as your first person perspective, is less challenging and should be safe for most people. But please take care of yourself and stop listening if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Listening to recorded Embraces

When listening to recorded Embraces be sure you are in a safe environment. Never listen while driving or doing anything else that calls for your attention. 

Leaning out into your wider Embraces may change your sense of self

Leaning out into our wider Embraces and take them as your first person perspective, may alter your sense of self. How much this will happen depends on your previous experiences from meditation and other methods for altered perspectives.

So, if you don’t want your sense of self, to change, don’t lean out into your wider Embraces. Be aware, it’s hard to undo and experience.

Wider Embraces doesn’t substitute any form of professional care

Wider Embraces should not be used to replace any type of professional physical or mental health care. Always seek professional help if you experience any problem.

If you are currently in treatment or in therapy, please consult your therapist, psychiatrist or mental health professional before participating in any form of Wider Embraces, including resting in the Wider Embraces.

WE can’t be held responsible

Wider Embraces as a project, Stina Deurell as the founder or any person serving as a guide under the Wider Embraces project, can’t be held responsible for any type of mental issues that may arise during a Wider Embraces sessions or any other form of work around the Embraces.