Welcome to Wider Embraces

A New and Unique Method

Wider Embraces is about belonging, taking wider perspectives and alignment all the way up and down. It’s a new and unique method, a path to become deeply aware of everything you are a part of. It can be anything from your family or organisations to Humanity, the Biosphere and the Universe.

When we become aware of one of our wider Embraces, we can rest in that Embrace and feel that we belong, unconditionally. And we can lean out into the Embrace, taking it as our first-person perspective and gain new insights.

To read about it will give you some ideas, to get it, you have to join in and experience it yourself. Welcome!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces


Latest blog posts

No More Polite and Positive Thinking

The last days I’ve come to a point where I’m fed up with being nice. I feel trapped in a bubble of politeness and normality. Our current time on planet Earth is not normal. Positive thinking and pointing at alternatives and being polite is not the way forward anymore. It has been overdue for a long … Read more

Innside Earth – Hell or Healing?

When you think of planet Earth; do you see the oceans and the continents? The air? I guess you do. But are you aware of the inner of the planet? The part of Earth that is hidden, that we can’t see, nor visit. I must admit that I’ve almost entirely related to Earth’s surface and hardly ever conceivin … Read more

The Irrepressible Life Force

We all love the gifts of growth and development: – Longer, healthier lives! – Surviving kids! – Food from all over the world, year round! – Better, bigger houses with tap water and washing machine! – Communication via radio, TV, computer, mobile phone! – Travelling across the globe! – Knowledge and … Read more

To-do-lists, Judgement and Alignment

Yesterday was one of these days when I was not happy with myself. I had grand plans for what to accomplish during the day. But unfortunately, in the early afternoon, I refused to obey and started to watch TV instead. Blind to all to-do-lists. In the evening I reflected on my day, and my life, and as … Read more

I am Life of Sun and Planet

As life on Earth, I’m Embraced by our Planet but just as much by the Sun. Our Star is not a distant energy source, but an integrated part of life on Earth. Obviously! But I have never experienced it so clearly, as during tonight’s Wider Embraces session. Breathing solar energy and planetary oxygen i … Read more