Welcome to Wider Embraces

– A New and Unique Method

Wider Embraces is a simple yet powerful method that opens us to a new way of being in the world.


We use the scientific worldview as our map and become aware of everything we belong to:

  • The physical Embrace of the Universe.
  • The biological Embrace of the Biosphere.
  • The Cultural Embrace of Humanity.
  • The Embrace of all of me.
  • The Embrace of any other group I belong to.

We rest in each and feel a deep belonging. Unconditional.


When we are aware of one of our wider Embraces, we can lean out into it and take it as our first-person perspective; become aware as it. We have access to everything we are a part of. It’s a sort of nested, holograms.

From this wider perspective, we can gain new and potent insights, often surprising ones.


Our last keyword is alignment; it’s about finding our place in all our wider Embraces. Being parts living the whole and a whole living my parts. I’m convinced that this is a necessary step for the long-term survival of any technologically advanced culture.

To read about it will give you some ideas, to get it, you have to join in and experience it yourself. Welcome!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

The Wider Embraces has given me a new perspective on myself as a human being, and on the earth and the universe.

WE helps me feel more connected to life and all other living beings, coming closer to the circle of life. That feeling of belonging makes me feel grounded and calm, and I have enjoyed every session.

Anna Flärd