Wider Embraces – You are Everything you Belong to

Belonging to all my wider Embraces


Rest in all your wider Embrace, unconditionally.

Gaining new insights from my wider Embraces


Gain new and surprising insights from a wider perspective.

Alignment with all my wider Embraces


Find your place, in alignment with the world.

A New Method and Worldview

Wider Embraces is a simple yet powerful method that let us experience the collective side of reality.

At this crucial moment on planet Earth, we humans can move forward, into alignment with the Biosphere, on all levels – practically, intellectually, emotionally and as conscious beings, who we are.

To read about it will give you some ideas, to get it, join a guided tour and experience it yourself. Welcome!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

Stina Deurell

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