Reaching out or Embracing the Whole

Reaching out

I want to know the world, touch it, be a part, belong. I’m reaching out, following the news on the web, the radio and TV. Scanning my facebook feed to know what my friends are up to. I’m checking videos, listening to discussions about the latest topics.

The world is moving forward, and I want to be a part. I care about what is happening. I want to be responsible and well-informed, and because you are reading this, you probably want the same.

Yesterday morning I realised that this way of reaching out to the world is superficial, there is no real relation. I’m consuming bits of information from out there, from random sources, chosen by others. I’m overwhelmed by small pieces of data and frequently more confused than informed.

During 2018 I’ll change that and focus on two other ways of relating – one closer and one wider. Two ways of relating that are mutual and nurturing.

Closer relations

The closer way of relating is my personal relations with family and friends, and everyone I meet face to face or voice to voice. Interacting, playing, struggling, learning, living here and now, creating in this present moment. Just as we humans always have done and that all animals and plants do all day long in their way.

Wider relations

The wider way of relating is, of course, my relations to all my Wider Embraces. My relationships with everything I’m a part of, every Embrace I belong to; the Embraces of my family, my hometown, my country, the Embrace of Humanity, the Biosphere and the Universe and all Embraces in between.

Leaning out into them one by one, being them, taking them as my perspective, getting new insights, feeling how my body relaxes and my mind gets more still. Deeply belonging. Unconditionally.

Deeply belonging

Instead of getting fragmented and random events beamed at me, events I can’t do anything about, and that just makes me feel more distant and helpless, I’ll embrace everything, becoming more aware of my place as a single human being inside the complex ecology of relations that I’m a part of.

My relations with all my Wider Embraces are mutual relations. Something happens to me and to the Embrace when I activate the relationship by becoming aware of it, and as it. Something happens beyond the insights I get, and the bodily sensations and relaxation. My interpretation is that we strengthen the flow, the patterns, the communication, the belonging, the web, the whole ecology of Embraces that we are part of, that we are. And that is healing.

Dominant species

And yes, of course, it helps to know about the world, in order to Embrace it. So I’ll continue to check out the news now and then and look at documentaries, and glans at my friends facebook pages once in a while.

I will continue to be curious about almost everything but focus on my mutual relations – close and wide. That is my New Year resolution.

The Bisophere

All photos are taken yesterday in Tjörnarp, outside Höör, in the south of Sweden.

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