Rest in Your Wider Embraces


Enjoy the feeling of belonging to some of your wider Embraces. I’ve just published a Guided Embrace:

  • Rest in the Embrace of our physical Universe; a place where there is nothing to do, think or feel.
  • Rest in the Embrace of our planetary family tree; feel your deep roots and connectedness with all life.
  • Rest in the Embrace of our global ecosystem; softly sway in the great web of all your relations.
  • Integrate everything in the Embrace of me; holding everything that is me, unconditionally.

Join us online

In this guided Embraces I focus on the belonging side of the Wider Embraces. The shift in perspective, when we lean out and become the Embrace, is better done live together. You are welcome to join one of our online sessions. Send me an e-mail, and I’ll put you on the list –

Listen to the Guided Embrace in English or Swedish

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I’ve also published these Guided Embraces on Youtube, and I will post a lot more videos in the coming months, so please check out the Wider Embraces Youtube channel and subscribe!

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