About Wider Embraces

Wider Embraces offers

  • Perspectives – Wider Embraces explores the collective dimensions in a radically new way, making large parts of reality visible, that can’t be seen from an individual viewpoint.
  • Belonging – Wider Embraces lets you connect to, rest in and feel a deep belonging to everything you are a part of, from family to Universe.
  • Worldview – Wider Embraces is a tool for personal development, leadership and most of all to handle the global challenges we are facing on this planet.

The Formal Definition of Wider Embraces

Wider Embraces is a method for a specific type of perspectives and experiences; this doesn’t mean that other perspectives and experiences aren’t true and real, it’s just not a part of WE.

The checklist that defines what Wider Embraces deals with, and not:

  • Wider Embraces is based on the question “Who is Embracing?”.
  • Wider Embraces is a method to experience the scientific worldview, from a first-person perspective.
  • An Embrace can be defined by physical, biological and cultural borders or a combination of two or three of these.
  • Embraces are not created, we just become aware of them and as them, though we can create the foundation for them.
  • To be able to take the perspective as an Embrace, we have to be part of it.
  • An Embrace is its own perspective and doesn’t have access to private information of its parts.
  • An Embrace always holds all its parts unconditionally. The relations between parts are always conditional.

What participants says

The best method ever to get in alignment with yourself and the rest of the universe.

Don’t miss out on the exceptional feeling of truly understanding how you are an integrated part of this beautiful planet we live on.

Or use it as a way to get instant healing and therapy without having to go to a healer or therapist.

Annelie Nilsson, Coach and Change Agent

I have tried a variety of different techniques in both self-exploring and meditation over the years. In Wider Embraces, I have found what I’ve been looking for.

To be able to take the perspective of the collective is amazing and has given me a profound experience that I wish more people will get.

Evamarie Braf

In the Wider Embraces we play with perspectives which has helped me to solve problems in many everyday situations, and to take a much broader view on reality.

WE has also helped me to feel, and honour the animating force of life, this abundance of creativity. And it has deepened my joyful care for everything alive.

Gisela Steenbuck, Transformative Coach and Facilitator

The Wider Embraces has given me a new perspective on myself as a human being, and on the earth and the universe.

WE helps me feel more connected to life and all other living beings, coming closer to the circle of life. That feeling of belonging makes me feel grounded and calm, and I have enjoyed every session.

Anna Flärd

With the embraces, I am not stuck with the perspective of the small personal self, but I can always come back to the personal perspective and see it as an integrated part of something bigger.

I look forward to keeping working with WE since I think it will benefit people’s lives and the planet.

Staffan Frimodt, Student