Belonging – Insights – Alignment

About Wider Embraces

Have you ever thought about how it is to be planet Earth, or your Family, your Continent, all of Humanity? Wider Embraces can give you a sense of this, a glimpse of these wider perspectives. Perspectives that may change who you think you are and what the world is about.

Deeper Belonging

Do you feel that you don’t belong here, that there is a separation between you and everything else? The Wider Embraces method will let you rest in the Embrace of everything you belong to, unconditionally. Separation is true, but so is belonging, we need both.

Insights from a Wider Perspective

Wider Embraces is a method and a unique way of experiencing the world. You can become aware of the collective aspects of your life, and not only aware of them, but aware as them. From these wider perspectives, you can gain insights that are impossible to get from your standard viewpoint. 

The Crucial Relation Between Humanity and the Biosphere

For me, the relationship between humanity and the biosphere is the most important one. I see Wider Embraces as a powerful tool. A tool that can both make us aware of our role here on planet Earth, and also help us move into alignment with it, as it.  

The Result of Seven Years of Exploration

The Wider Embraces Method is the result of seven years of exploration. We have tested every idea we got and slowly figured out more about how to do it and what it is about. You are welcome to join; the exploration continues.

What is an Embrace?

Is it a hug? Yes, sort of, you can think of the Embraces as anything with an inside and an outside. Embraces come in all sizes, from particles to the Universe, and they can be defined by physical borders, biological kinship or cultural belonging; or any combination of the three.



Wider Embraces Arrived as a Question

The question “Who is Embracing?” that came to me in June 2012 during a walk on the beach in Cape Town

It all started with the question “Who is Embracing?” that came to me in June 2012 during a walk on the beach in Cape Town. Or more accurately, it started with a calling two years earlier. During meditation, I got the message that when I turn 52, I’m going out the door, being free. So the last of May the next year, I went out of the door after getting rid of my stuff and given up my apartment.

I started my journey with the quest for Big Heart of Humanity as my focus. I went from Sweden, through Europe, to Egypt, where I got the opportunity to make a huge photo exhibition, and then to South Africa. It was an overwhelming journey; meeting new people, cultures and landscapes and having rainbows and thunder accompanying me in strange ways — all the time with the relation between Humanity and the Planet in my mind and heart.

Read more about my background and sources of inspiration at About Stina. Follow me on my journey between 2011 and 2012, through the blog I wrote (new window)

A Journey Together with Friends

The second part of the journey continued back in Sweden. Meeting with friends from near and far, online and in person. Without all of you and your engagement, there would be no Wider Embraces. Thank you all! 

Looking for Similar Methods – Do You Know One?

During these years I’ve been looking into every other method I’ve come across, that has the slightest resemblance with Wider Embraces. Hoping to find someone who has already mapped out this territory and whom I could join. I have found many maps with similarities, but no one navigating the inside of our material world in our way. Maybe publishing this text will make the connection happen?