The View from The Field of Humanity

All pictures taken during the last week in Sarajevo.

Part two — about the Field of Nature and the Field of Humanity.

Well, lets look at the other side, everyone who are identified with the Field of Humanity, not as a conscious choice but just as the way we are. Our viewpoint is from inside of Humanity. We see our selfs as a part of Humanity and humans are more worth than animals and plants. Who would you save from a burning house?

Of course we have to take care of nature, so our kids and grandkids can live on this planet. We have to save the tigers because they are such beautiful animals.  The people in the developing countries also have the right to a good living standard.

We love hiking in nature and feeding the ducks in the park, we love our dogs and cats and gardens, they give us so much! Nature is really good! And we feel gratitude for all the things we get, from food, to cloths, to cars!

We learn from Nature, about stillness and beauty and generosity. We celebrate the Devine Mother Earth and we open to God in Everything.

This autumn I saw an add for a tree plating project in Africa — “Where trees grow, humans grow”. Interesting, I’ve always supported the tree planting projects for the sake of the trees them selfs. And for the birds and animals and the humans, approximately in that order. That was when I was identified with the Field of Nature.

From the perspective of the Field of Nature the add would go “Where humans grow, they plant trees”, or maybe just the pure “Plant trees!” that would be enough, no need to motivate it with something else, trees have a value in and by them self’s.

How would you formulate the add, to motivate your self, to give money to the tree planing project?

When I’m identified with the Field of Humanity, I can get overwhelmed with all the suffering — wars and conflicts, diseases and starvation, natural catastrophes and economy collapses. All this mixed with billion personal heart brakes …

How can I care about a tree when all this is going on???

And the struggle inside the Field of Humanity and between the two Fields of identification will become more sharp in the near future. More humans, less resources, less space for non humans.

I believe that we can solve this dilemma and make this a wonderful place for Everyone and Everything — the keys are Awareness, Responsibility and Love in all directions. Will write more …

So, what field of identification do you belong to? The Field of Humanity or the Field of Nature?
You have to choose. And you may switch!


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