The View from The Field of Nature

It is soon a year ago since I was moved into the Field of Humanity. When it happened it was a profound experience and as time passes, the more significant and important I see it. In a way it’s the foundation of Big Heart of Humanity.

In marsch 2011 I was meditating in my sofa in my flat in Sweden and suddenly I was moved into the Field of Humanity. It was a strong energetically feeling and I intuitively knew what happened.

The next day when I met people, I belonged in a new way. I was a human among humans — at home. Later the day I met a bird, a pheasant, and we had a totally new relation. I, as a Human, met him as Nature. It was a lot of love between us, but in a new way, we were from different spheres. Before when I met animals, it had been more of a love among siblings, a we-love. That we-love I now feel along with other humans.

Before I saw Nature as We and Humans as Them. They are destroying Nature and I’m not a part of that. They are hurting Us, me and Nature.

Before this shift I had no idea about my position and I thought that everyone perceived things the way I did. After the shift I started to see this two very different positions, or fields of identity and how we unconsciously has chosen one or the other.

Many  of us who are involved in the environmental movement, identify our selfs with the Field of Nature. We really feel the pain Humanity causes Nature. When the trees falls and the fish dies, we feel the pain as if we were hurt. And we feel the helplessness of the forests and the oceans, the lack of compassion and care from a Humanity that only think of her self and her own needs. And we just can’t be a part of that Humanity, we can’t identify our selfs with those destroyers. And we refuse to see our own part in it — It’s Them!

So we work for Nature against Humans and not so few wishes that Humanity just would disappear form the Planet. We see Humanity as an evolutionary mistake. If there would be no Humans, everything would be nice and the way it should be and all the plants and the animals could live happily ever after.

Maybe you recognize your self in this, maybe you think of a friend? Or maybe this is totally strange in your opinion. It might seem strange, but it’s very rational. If you see and deeply feel what is going  on with Nature on this Planet and you know that it’s one species that causes it and you belong to that species, you have a problem. How shall you handle your relation to your self and your fellow humans? Of course the mature way is to be fully responsible as a part of Humanity and open heartily deal with all our collective shadows. But that is a tuff one and it takes a lot of insights and hard work …

In my next blog post I’ll explore the view from The Filed of Humanity and make some conclusions.

6 Responses to The View from The Field of Nature

  1. Gert Olsson February 10, 2012 at 14:13 #

    I see your point here and I can recognize myself some years ago and still sometime I fall into the same trap. Toaday I just had a meating with a college where we desided to join the Transition Sweden ideas. This is a world wide oranization working from a human perspective were nature and man meets. One purpous is to create cultivation in towns and other places where people can grow there own vegetables. Starting from small groups and creating a new understanding and recapture old knowledge. This is a way for humanity to survive beyond the industrial age. Read more about it here:
    I think this is a way to bring human and nature together beginning with small groups an dgrowing from under.

  2. Stina Deurell February 10, 2012 at 21:21 #

    Hi Gert, Thank you for your reflections, I appreciate your willingness to see your self and take actions!
    Big Heart, Stina

  3. Ali February 11, 2012 at 22:11 #

    Where were you before moving into the field of humanity? In the field of animality? :)

  4. Stina Deurell February 12, 2012 at 17:29 #

    Actually it’s a good question … maybe I just was outside of the Field of Humanity?

  5. Annelie Nilsson February 16, 2012 at 10:19 #

    Great post Stina! I am so glad that you write more about this and explain your experience. You make me understand what it is about without having had the experience myself. Thank you!
    ps. I have also tried seeing myself as an representative for the human race whilst meeting animals and out in nature. It’s both fun and a way of learning more about our relationship. ds


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