The Biosphere and Alignment

Alignment and the Biosphere

I love the word “Alignment”. It’s a gentle move; finding my place together with others in a broader structure, and as an over-arching structure, letting my parts find their optimal place. All the way up and down.

All the cells in my body are aligned, forming this human being. All species in a healthy eco-system, are aligned with each other and the environment.

I see alignment as an essential path forward, whatever happens in my life and on planet Earth. It’s a tool for building stable foundations, and it’s a tool for handling rough times together, and for healing myself. It’s an outer and inner work, done by individuals together.

As a human being, I align all of me with the Biosphere.
As the Biosphere, I align all my parts, all living beings.

Alignment and the Biosphere

The Wider Embraces method, is the best tool for alignment I know about. Please tell me if you know a better one!

It’s powerful, yet soft.
It’s complex, yet simple to do.
It’s a collective work, yet respects the integrity of every individual.

Alignment is essential, and I insist that you give it a try.
Do it for yourself, Humanity and the Biosphere. We need each other.
Do it together with me, now!

2019-03-27 by Stina Deurell


No More Polite and Positive Thinking

No more Positive Thinking

The last days I’ve come to a point where I’m fed up with being nice. I feel trapped in a bubble of politeness and normality. Our current time on planet Earth is not normal. Positive thinking and pointing at alternatives and being polite is not the way forward anymore. It has been overdue for a long time.

Below is a brief summary of some of the common thought-patterns, that I see as false or counterproductive or both. How many of them do you subscribe to? Why?

I end this text with my suggestion for a path forward; Alignment.
It’s not a solution, but a decent path.

Uncertanty – Reluctant to comprehend feedback loops, tipping points and consequences we can't foresee


We talk as if we are in control and can choose between 1,5 or 2 or 3 or 5 degrees rise in global temperature. Reluctant to comprehend feedback loops, tipping points and consequences we can’t foresee.

The forecasts, the goals and the treaties about degrees make us believe that the scientists and politicians have it all under control. They don’t.

The idea that the earth is a system we humans can control and steer is false. It puts us above the planet. Yes, we are making a vast impact, but we are not in control. The earth is not a machine, and we are not its stewards.

Our brains are not the most complex thing on Earth, they are part of the global ecosystem, of the biosphere.

Other Crises

Other Crises

We have narrowed our narrative to climate, but the Earth is a system in many crises. Today’s focus on climate change makes us forget all the other problems and provides us with the illusion that if we solve this issue, everything will be fine. It won’t.

The problem is not carbon dioxide, it’s our way of thinking and acting, our dominance and strength. That we see the Biosphere as resources and not as our home.

We hope that technology will save us


We hope that technology will save us. That the solar panels and some future machine that sucks carbon out of the air will solve our problems. But the climate is in essence not a technological problem.

If technology delivers one solution, we will use that extra space to consume more or become more people. There is nothing that will limit us, except the break down of the planet. Or that we, in one way or another, align ourselves with the Biosphere.

This has brought us to the midst of the sixth mass extinction.

Human Centeredness

We focus on people, on each other, we are the ones that count. Forgetting that this planet is the home to millions of species and a multitude of organisms that are non-human. We externalise the costs to other species to make this a beautiful world for us. This has brought us to the midst of the sixth mass extinction.

We, humans, are related to all living beings on the planet, all life on Earth formes one huge family tree and we live and breath together. We belong here, as do all other organisms. Unconditionally.

It will not be a wonderful world for anyone if we don’t align ourselves with the Biosphere.

This prevents us from feeling into the situation on the planet.

Positive Thinking

We assure ourselves that positive thinking is the best way forward. If we are hopeful and look for solutions, we can find new paths and inspire others. This prevents us from feeling into the situation on the planet. It makes us shallow, artificial and neurotic.

We are living in the midst of a global funeral. It’s time to mourn, not to be optimistic. To breath in death and pain. To accept what is going on.

To align ourselves with the Biosphere is a path forward. To open ourselves to the pain and the deaths we are causing.

Alignment is a gift to the future.


I will prioritise truth over nice and share my fears and sorrows, even if it upsets you. But most of all I’ll work with alignment; all the way up and down. Finding my place, both in the Biosphere as a whole and in the Biosphere as a system of related parts.

Alignment is a way to deal with what happens here and now.
Alignment is a gift to the future.
It’s a path forward whatever happens.
Not a solution.


If you are interested in being part of forming a new online group that will use the Wider Embraces method to explore and work with alignment, a group with space for truth and sorrow.

The first meeting will be at the beginning of March 2019, and you are very welcome to join, read more.

– –

 All images are composed of two photos and are from my series “A New Level”.

2019-02-07 by Stina Deurell


I’m a Physical, Biological and Cultural Being

Below are the first four parts of one of the roads we walk during a Wider Embraces session. We use the scientific map and become aware of its outer properties, its inner qualities and our deep belonging.

Please, read slowly and let the meaning of the words touch you. To get the full experience, you have to do it together with others, and with a guide who can feel the process and lead. Wider Embraces is in its essence a collective method. That is both a feature and a limitation.

I’m a physical body

I become aware that I’m a physical body.

I consist of energy and particles. Particles forming atoms. Atoms forming molecules. Molecules forming larger structures.

From this perspective; matter is what I am.

What is me today, has been a part of this planet since it formed 4,5 billion years ago. My atoms have been oceans, mountains and air. I am a part of planet Earth.

The particles that formes me here and now, are of precisely the same kind, as the particles at the other side of the Universe. I’m connected with everything, through sameness on a very basic level.

And we were all gathered together in a tiny spot at the beginning, at the big bang, more than 13 billion years ago.

I become aware of the Embrace of the Universe.
The Embrace that is holding me, and everything that exists.

I rest in that Embrace.
I belong here – Unconditionally

Nothing to do or think.

I’m a biological being

I become aware that I’m a biological being

I consist of cells. Cells forming organs. And my human cells together with bacteria and fungi form all the complex systems that are my body. I am a multi-species-organism.

I’m the result of an unbroken chain of life, stretching back to a single-cell organism that lived 3,5 billion years ago. Everything that is alive today on planet Earth are direct descendants from that one organism. We are all related; we are all cousins.

We are one huge family tree.
One life, breathing together.

I become aware of the Embrace of our planetary family tree. The Embrace that is holding all life on Earth.

I rest in that Embrace.
I belong here – Unconditionally.


I’m a cultural being, a relational being

I become aware that I’m a cultural being, a relational being.

I was born into a family, with its own ways of behaving. I was raised in a society with its unique culture. I learned how to act, talk, think, what to eat, what is good and what is bad, what to be ashamed of and what to be happy about.

How I behave today has roots back to the dawn of humanity, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

I relate to my environment, to humans and other animals, to plants, fungi and bacteria. And they relate to me and to each other. During billions of years, we have evolved together as a multi-species web of cultures; our global ecosystem.

Everything I do, or not do, changes all the cultures I’m part of a tiny bit.
We are all changing the culture moment to moment.
Relating or not.

I become aware of the Embrace of our planetary culture.
The Embrace that is holding all relations and ways of being on planet Earth.

I rest in that Embrace.
I belong here – Unconditionally


The Embrace of me

I become aware of the Embrace of me
The Embrace of this single human being.

The Embrace that is holding the physical, biological and cultural me.
Holding and integrating everything that is me.

Holding light and shadows
Holding past present and future.
Holding everything that is this human being.

And I’m held by all the wider Embraces I belong to: Physical, Biological and Cultural, all the way up and down.

– – –

From here we usually move out into the Embrace of the group and then further out into some of our wider Embraces, it can be our families, teams, countries, continents, the solar system, the galaxy …  And we make a shift in perspective and become aware as them. You have to experience it to get it.

Welcome to join!

2018-06-11 by Stina Deurell


Our Multi-spices Global Culture

Multi-spices Global Culture

When we say “culture” we almost always think of the human culture – our habits, expressions and relations. But we are also embedded in a Multi-spices Global Culture.

During the last weeks, the Wider Embraces Biosphere Group have explored our Multi-spices Global Culture, and it has been eye- and heart-opening, a feeling of deep integration and humbling.

From the viewpoint of the Embrace of the Biosphere, the human culture is just a tiny part of the global culture. And not the most sophisticated, efficient and sustainable part of it.

The scientists just start to understand the complexity and richness of what is going on in the non-human culture. The intricate and dynamic web of relations across a multitude of species that have developed over billions of years.

Our modern human culture is great in so many ways, but when it comes to inter-species relations and long-term survival, we have a thing or two to learn. It’s time to reconnect and become a conscious part of the Multi-spices Global Culture.

2018-03-10 by Stina Deurell


A Double Perspective – Being the Embrace and the Embraced

Being the Embrace and the embraced

You’ve probably seen the videos and the cartoons, maybe shared some of them yourself, where Mother Earth is crying or being wrathful against humanity, or Gaia hates her humans, seeing us as germs, hoping to get rid of us, fast.

Yes, we humans have messed up this planet, immensely. Especially the ones of us, who consume the most. Our feelings of fear and guilt are appropriate human emotions, but to project those emotions onto the Biosphere is neither right nor does it solve anything.

When we lean out into the Embrace of the Biosphere or any of our wider Embraces, what we experience is that we are held, unconditionally. The Embrace of the Biosphere holds me. I’m at home. I belong here.

When we take the perspective as the Biosphere, we are life on Earth, holding all living beings, including all humans, unconditionally.

And we can enter into a double perspective where we are the Embrace of the Biosphere and this human being at the same time. Being the Embrace and the embraced. Holding and being held. A two-way relation with an expanded self.

Great, no guilt, no angry Gaia, just unconditional Embraces! So I can keep going and continue to consume and I don’t have to think about other species or future generations? Not exactly.

When I know that I’m the whole Biosphere, that there is no separation, there is a lot of work to do and changes to make. But they are made from a creative and loving place. A place inside me, as this human being, and inside me as the Embrace of the Biosphere. A powerful place with potential for a profound transformation – inner and outer.

2017-11-14 by Stina Deurell