2nd Wave Future

2nd Wave Future

In August 2018, I had an extraordinary experience that I’ve hesitated to share because I don’t want to be seen as crazy, nor as hopeless and pessimistic.

But the more I’ve dived into the message I got, alone and together with my beautiful friends, the more I’ve come to see that it’s a very fruitful and powerful perspective from which to feel and act. So I’ve decided to share it.

From my diary 7th of August 2018:

Took the perspective as the Embrace of the Galaxy and held all my stars and planets. Unconditionally. Focused on all my planets with life.

In an instant, I realised that the first wave of a technologically advanced culture on a planet never makes it. It’s the second, or more commonly, the third wave that succeeds in creating a long-term, non-destructive culture.

As this human being, I gain some comfort from this. Being a part of the first wave on Earth, we are not supposed to make it. We are a part of a long planetary development.

There is no way to check if this message is true, but the quality of my experience was vivid and clear. I’ve had similar types of insights before, and it has always been a good decision to take them seriously. We can use the message as a lens and look at our planet and moment in history through it, and we can feel into it and let it hold us. It’s a surprisingly nurturing and comforting place.

The Life Force and Our Guilt

The Life Force and Guilt

The message tells us that we are not evil or doing it wrong; it is just an impossible task to switch from 3.7 billion years of striving to survive and grow while being firmly limited by external forces, to in a few generations, becoming so powerful that the only thing that could hold us is us. And we are not able to do that.

We have come far in our development, to the beginning of global solidarity among humans, that is huge. But focusing on only humans have undermined all other life forms and the climate, and that is not a path to ”creating a long-term, non-destructive culture”; it’s a path to collapse.

I’ve written more about this in the blog post ”The Irrepressible Life Force”. It builds on experiences from a small gathering of friends where we dived into the forces that have brought us here; how one cell that lived around 3,7 billion years ago has exploited the whole planet, how we all are related, and how we are all descendants of the survivors from each generation.

Meaning – Hope – Hopeless – Hopefree – Future

Meaning in the Long Run

I’ve been a part of the environmental movement since the 70ties. Always with a positive attitude, things are getting better, and we can fix the problems! Now I’ve come to a point where I don’t believe that anymore, the challenges are too numerous and sever. You can read more about this in my former blog post “No More Polite and Positive Thinking“.

With the message about the 2nd wave future, I’ve gained a long term view that gives meaning. It’s not about us humans here and now; it’s about life on Earth in billions of years ahead. It’s humbling and motivating.

A Foundation

Creating a Foundation for the 2nd Wave Future

So the vital question becomes; how do we create the best possible foundation for the second wave of a technologically advanced culture on planet Earth?

  • What not to destroy or invent that will cause long term harm to the planet?
  • What gifts and warnings would we like to send forward to our successors?
  • How do we do that practical? Ceramic plaques, stone carvings, hard drives?
  • Can thought patterns and consciousness be sustained over time?
  • Is it about some hundred years, some thousand years, some million years or more?

What would you like to send into the future?

How to deal with this?

How do you feel when you think about the future?  It’s not easy to grapple with what’s going on and how to hold it as a single human being. Our local group of women have been processing the “2nd Wave Future”-message in several ways since August. Here are some hints about how we have dived into it:

Get the Facts

Dive deep into the facts about the state of the Planet. The dark and the lights. Knowledge is essential and also to acknowledge uncertainty.

Hope or Hope-free?

Choosing between to keep hoping that we will make it, or let go of that idea. Changing energy from hopeful to a palliative state of mind, or not. It’s scary to lose our usual way of living, to face the death of civilisations, species and ecosystems on a global scale, though humanity has gone through that on a regional scale throughout history.

Mourning and Grief

Let all the emotions that your hope blocked flow freely. Let them pour out into a mighty river of sorrow, grief and mourning. It’s a sane response. And even if you think we will make it, there are so much to grief amid the sixth mass extinction.


Gratitude for what we, humans and the whole planetary family tree, have accomplished so far. We created the first wave of a technologically advanced culture on this planet together!


Joy and Beauty

Enjoying life and all the small things we can do together; eating good food, dancing, painting, walk in nature, and so on. We do this both for our own sake here and now, but also as a part of our legacy.

Since I made the leap and started to focus on the second wave, the value of the present moment has increased. Joy and beauty are everywhere, here and now! Though some days are dark, and that is okay.

Moving on

The path to eventually turn our 1st wave of a technologically advanced culture on planet Earth into a long-term success, or to provide for the 2nd wave, are very much the same work. Though the later offers a broader perspective, less stress and a more open heart; so I go with that, it motivates me much more to act and live fully.

My Trigger: Deep Adaptation

It was viewing two videos by professor Jem Bendell that triggered me to write this post now, more than half a year after my experience. He is working with a concept he calls Deep Adaptation; how to live and act in a world of ecological and social collapse. I recommend the videos and his paper:

14 minutes video: Jem Bendell – Deep Adaptation
44 minutes video: Deep Adaptation – Jem Bendell & Toni Spencer
Pdf: Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating ClimateTragedy

What I found diving into his work is that the “2nd Wave Future”-message adds two significant aspects; the release of guilt, both on a personal and societal level, and the meaning that comes from sensing into a future civilisation, even if it’s far away. And the Wider Embraces method adds the broader perspectives as the Biosphere and the Galaxy, that transcends and includes Humanity.

Photos: I love to photograph ice, its so organic and diverse in its expressions.

2019-03-14 by Stina Deurell


I’m a Physical, Biological and Cultural Being

Below are the first four parts of one of the roads we walk during a Wider Embraces session. We use the scientific map and become aware of its outer properties, its inner qualities and our deep belonging.

Please, read slowly and let the meaning of the words touch you. To get the full experience, you have to do it together with others, and with a guide who can feel the process and lead. Wider Embraces is in its essence a collective method. That is both a feature and a limitation.

I’m a physical body

I become aware that I’m a physical body.

I consist of energy and particles. Particles forming atoms. Atoms forming molecules. Molecules forming larger structures.

From this perspective; matter is what I am.

What is me today, has been a part of this planet since it formed 4,5 billion years ago. My atoms have been oceans, mountains and air. I am a part of planet Earth.

The particles that formes me here and now, are of precisely the same kind, as the particles at the other side of the Universe. I’m connected with everything, through sameness on a very basic level.

And we were all gathered together in a tiny spot at the beginning, at the big bang, more than 13 billion years ago.

I become aware of the Embrace of the Universe.
The Embrace that is holding me, and everything that exists.

I rest in that Embrace.
I belong here – Unconditionally

Nothing to do or think.

I’m a biological being

I become aware that I’m a biological being

I consist of cells. Cells forming organs. And my human cells together with bacteria and fungi form all the complex systems that are my body. I am a multi-species-organism.

I’m the result of an unbroken chain of life, stretching back to a single-cell organism that lived 3,5 billion years ago. Everything that is alive today on planet Earth are direct descendants from that one organism. We are all related; we are all cousins.

We are one huge family tree.
One life, breathing together.

I become aware of the Embrace of our planetary family tree. The Embrace that is holding all life on Earth.

I rest in that Embrace.
I belong here – Unconditionally.


I’m a cultural being, a relational being

I become aware that I’m a cultural being, a relational being.

I was born into a family, with its own ways of behaving. I was raised in a society with its unique culture. I learned how to act, talk, think, what to eat, what is good and what is bad, what to be ashamed of and what to be happy about.

How I behave today has roots back to the dawn of humanity, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

I relate to my environment, to humans and other animals, to plants, fungi and bacteria. And they relate to me and to each other. During billions of years, we have evolved together as a multi-species web of cultures; our global ecosystem.

Everything I do, or not do, changes all the cultures I’m part of a tiny bit.
We are all changing the culture moment to moment.
Relating or not.

I become aware of the Embrace of our planetary culture.
The Embrace that is holding all relations and ways of being on planet Earth.

I rest in that Embrace.
I belong here – Unconditionally


The Embrace of me

I become aware of the Embrace of me
The Embrace of this single human being.

The Embrace that is holding the physical, biological and cultural me.
Holding and integrating everything that is me.

Holding light and shadows
Holding past present and future.
Holding everything that is this human being.

And I’m held by all the wider Embraces I belong to: Physical, Biological and Cultural, all the way up and down.

– – –

From here we usually move out into the Embrace of the group and then further out into some of our wider Embraces, it can be our families, teams, countries, continents, the solar system, the galaxy …  And we make a shift in perspective and become aware as them. You have to experience it to get it.

Welcome to join!

2018-06-11 by Stina Deurell


Hi, I’m Planet Earth

Planet Biosphere Humans

Hi, I’m Planet Earth and here is the story of me and one of my species; homo sapiens.

For 3,7 billion years I’ve been developing a multitude of species, who are living in a complex web of interdependences; with advanced communication and resource allocation systems, energy efficient and with well-integrated recycling. I’ve had my ups and downs due to asteroids, volcanos, climate change and sea level fluctuation. But I’ve kept living and breathing through ever new species.

Some hundred thousands years ago one of my species, homo sapiens, embarked on an exciting journey. They started to become self-aware and develop a new sort of culture, with art, dance and learning. They began to think of me as a set of gods who lived in the animals, rivers and mountains all around them and their ancestors were hanging around as spirits. Even if the humans were a bit disconnected from my other parts, they still listened to me through shamanic journeys, trans dance and so on. They had to keep the connection if they wanted to find food and survive.

After hundreds of thousands of years of hunting and gathering, they started to farm plants and tame animals, and they created their own local ecosystems with as few species as possible, with the aim to produce wealth only for their species. Their gods moved away from the village, up into a huge tree or to the top of a mountain far away. They thanked their gods for what the plants and animals produced. Weird.

Well, my humans formed larger societies, and their gods became disconnected from me and moved up to heaven. This made it possible for more people to worship the same god and they formed larger societies based on trust and fear of this one god. My humans now started to believe that it was their god in heaven that had created the planet and given it to them. Well, well.

Some hundred years ago my humans discovered the stored and concentrated sunlight that my plants had collected during hundreds of millions of years. Overnight they became almost omnipotent. They needed no god anymore. The planet was theirs to enjoy, exploit and reshape. And they did, oh yes they did!

Not very long ago, they went to heaven and took a photo of me from outer space. I love that first photo of me. Looking at that photo, my humans finally understood that I’m a sphere and waste and pollution doesn’t go away, the sea isn’t limitless, nor is the land or the air. They started to call parts of me “ecological”, “organic” and “natural”. They began to talk about protecting me as if they were not a part of me, like I was a child to take care of, though I was the one who gave rise to them and has been feeding them and living them all the time.

Some of them reconnect with me, using shamanic techniques or spending a weekend in a “wild” part of me. While they still are consuming stuff as if I was four times bigger, then I am.

The last fifty years, their recognition of my web of life, what they call ecology and biology, has increased tremendously. So has their understanding of my complex metasystems and they start to become a bit humble before what I have accomplished without their help.

Though most of my humans are still absorbed with issues concerning their own species and their personal goals of power, pleasure, growth and enlightenment. A few of them have started to understand that they are me and I am them. That they are part of the planetary family tree, as are all living beings, and that they are part of the global ecosystem. Slowly they get that they belong here, they are not separate.

What they were unconsciously embedded in before, they can now consciously reconnect with. They can make me self-aware and themselves conscious contributors to life on Earth.

The idea of the one god, the omnipotent humanity and the separate individual made it hard for them to realise that it was me they experienced when they turned inwards. A holographic reality.

–  –

This blog post is my answer to ”Share an example of how you have the Spiral Dynamics levels in organisational contexts”, in the course ”Organization by Natural Design”, by Peter Merry. www.ubiquity.courses/p/organization-by-natural-design. I know I’ve stretched the topic a bit, but this is a story I use to understand where we come from and how to move forward and the organisational context is this Planet.

–  –

If you like to consciously reconnect with the planet, you are welcome to join our Open Embraces every second Sunday.

2018-03-22 by Stina Deurell


Report from our First “Humanity and the Biosphere” Online Session

Humanity and the Biosphere

Yesterday evening we met online for the first Wider Embraces session dedicated to the relation between the Biosphere and Humanity. Right there and then, the Wider Embraces and my lifelong dedication to sustainability merged. Yes!

We have been working with this relation now and then during the last five years as a part of our exploration into the wider Embraces. This time the purpose wasn’t to examine the Wider Embraces or develop the method, but to use WE as a tool.

Here are some hints about what we experienced during our gathering yesterday:

As the Embrace of the Group, we felt supported and a quality of the energy that was more active than usual.

As the Embrace of Humanity, holding all human beings unconditionally, there was a powerful energy field. Our impression is that there is an almost infinite demand. Humanity felt very occupied with itself, an inward facing bubble, with no real capacity left for other species.

As the Embrace of Humanity, leaning out into the Embrace of the Biosphere, we felt spaciousness, calmness, liberated and healed. The Embrace of the Biosphere is holding Humanity and every one of us, unconditionally.

Later in the evening, I felt a sincere hope, or more like a knowing, that Humanity will find its place on Planet Earth among all other living beings in a harmonious way. I don’t know if this is only wishful thinking, or not, but I know that it makes me grounded and dedicated to this work.

You are welcome to join next week, or any Wednesday evening in the future, at 20.00-21.00 CET. Everyone’s contribution is valuable.

2017-10-26 by Stina Deurell