I am Life of Sun and Planet

Sun and Planet

As life on Earth, I’m Embraced by our Planet but just as much by the Sun.

Our Star is not a distant energy source, but an integrated part of life on Earth.


But I have never experienced it so clearly, as during tonight’s Wider Embraces session.

Breathing solar energy and planetary oxygen
in the dark blue evening sky

2018-07-23 by Stina Deurell


Hi, I’m Planet Earth

Planet Biosphere Humans

Hi, I’m Planet Earth and here is the story of me and one of my species; homo sapiens.

For 3,7 billion years I’ve been developing a multitude of species, who are living in a complex web of interdependences; with advanced communication and resource allocation systems, energy efficient and with well-integrated recycling. I’ve had my ups and downs due to asteroids, volcanos, climate change and sea level fluctuation. But I’ve kept living and breathing through ever new species.

Some hundred thousands years ago one of my species, homo sapiens, embarked on an exciting journey. They started to become self-aware and develop a new sort of culture, with art, dance and learning. They began to think of me as a set of gods who lived in the animals, rivers and mountains all around them and their ancestors were hanging around as spirits. Even if the humans were a bit disconnected from my other parts, they still listened to me through shamanic journeys, trans dance and so on. They had to keep the connection if they wanted to find food and survive.

After hundreds of thousands of years of hunting and gathering, they started to farm plants and tame animals, and they created their own local ecosystems with as few species as possible, with the aim to produce wealth only for their species. Their gods moved away from the village, up into a huge tree or to the top of a mountain far away. They thanked their gods for what the plants and animals produced. Weird.

Well, my humans formed larger societies, and their gods became disconnected from me and moved up to heaven. This made it possible for more people to worship the same god and they formed larger societies based on trust and fear of this one god. My humans now started to believe that it was their god in heaven that had created the planet and given it to them. Well, well.

Some hundred years ago my humans discovered the stored and concentrated sunlight that my plants had collected during hundreds of millions of years. Overnight they became almost omnipotent. They needed no god anymore. The planet was theirs to enjoy, exploit and reshape. And they did, oh yes they did!

Not very long ago, they went to heaven and took a photo of me from outer space. I love that first photo of me. Looking at that photo, my humans finally understood that I’m a sphere and waste and pollution doesn’t go away, the sea isn’t limitless, nor is the land or the air. They started to call parts of me “ecological”, “organic” and “natural”. They began to talk about protecting me as if they were not a part of me, like I was a child to take care of, though I was the one who gave rise to them and has been feeding them and living them all the time.

Some of them reconnect with me, using shamanic techniques or spending a weekend in a “wild” part of me. While they still are consuming stuff as if I was four times bigger, then I am.

The last fifty years, their recognition of my web of life, what they call ecology and biology, has increased tremendously. So has their understanding of my complex metasystems and they start to become a bit humble before what I have accomplished without their help.

Though most of my humans are still absorbed with issues concerning their own species and their personal goals of power, pleasure, growth and enlightenment. A few of them have started to understand that they are me and I am them. That they are part of the planetary family tree, as are all living beings, and that they are part of the global ecosystem. Slowly they get that they belong here, they are not separate.

What they were unconsciously embedded in before, they can now consciously reconnect with. They can make me self-aware and themselves conscious contributors to life on Earth.

The idea of the one god, the omnipotent humanity and the separate individual made it hard for them to realise that it was me they experienced when they turned inwards. A holographic reality.

–  –

This blog post is my answer to ”Share an example of how you have the Spiral Dynamics levels in organisational contexts”, in the course ”Organization by Natural Design”, by Peter Merry. www.ubiquity.courses/p/organization-by-natural-design. I know I’ve stretched the topic a bit, but this is a story I use to understand where we come from and how to move forward and the organisational context is this Planet.

–  –

If you like to consciously reconnect with the planet, you are welcome to join our Open Embraces every second Sunday.

2018-03-22 by Stina Deurell


Our Multi-spices Global Culture

Multi-spices Global Culture

When we say “culture” we almost always think of the human culture – our habits, expressions and relations. But we are also embedded in a Multi-spices Global Culture.

During the last weeks, the Wider Embraces Biosphere Group have explored our Multi-spices Global Culture, and it has been eye- and heart-opening, a feeling of deep integration and humbling.

From the viewpoint of the Embrace of the Biosphere, the human culture is just a tiny part of the global culture. And not the most sophisticated, efficient and sustainable part of it.

The scientists just start to understand the complexity and richness of what is going on in the non-human culture. The intricate and dynamic web of relations across a multitude of species that have developed over billions of years.

Our modern human culture is great in so many ways, but when it comes to inter-species relations and long-term survival, we have a thing or two to learn. It’s time to reconnect and become a conscious part of the Multi-spices Global Culture.

2018-03-10 by Stina Deurell


Reaching out or Embracing the Whole

Reaching out

I want to know the world, touch it, be a part, belong. I’m reaching out, following the news on the web, the radio and TV. Scanning my facebook feed to know what my friends are up to. I’m checking videos, listening to discussions about the latest topics.

The world is moving forward, and I want to be a part. I care about what is happening. I want to be responsible and well-informed, and because you are reading this, you probably want the same.

Yesterday morning I realised that this way of reaching out to the world is superficial, there is no real relation. I’m consuming bits of information from out there, from random sources, chosen by others. I’m overwhelmed by small pieces of data and frequently more confused than informed.

During 2018 I’ll change that and focus on two other ways of relating – one closer and one wider. Two ways of relating that are mutual and nurturing.

Closer relations

The closer way of relating is my personal relations with family and friends, and everyone I meet face to face or voice to voice. Interacting, playing, struggling, learning, living here and now, creating in this present moment. Just as we humans always have done and that all animals and plants do all day long in their way.

Wider relations

The wider way of relating is, of course, my relations to all my Wider Embraces. My relationships with everything I’m a part of, every Embrace I belong to; the Embraces of my family, my hometown, my country, the Embrace of Humanity, the Biosphere and the Universe and all Embraces in between.

Leaning out into them one by one, being them, taking them as my perspective, getting new insights, feeling how my body relaxes and my mind gets more still. Deeply belonging. Unconditionally.

Deeply belonging

Instead of getting fragmented and random events beamed at me, events I can’t do anything about, and that just makes me feel more distant and helpless, I’ll embrace everything, becoming more aware of my place as a single human being inside the complex ecology of relations that I’m a part of.

My relations with all my Wider Embraces are mutual relations. Something happens to me and to the Embrace when I activate the relationship by becoming aware of it, and as it. Something happens beyond the insights I get, and the bodily sensations and relaxation. My interpretation is that we strengthen the flow, the patterns, the communication, the belonging, the web, the whole ecology of Embraces that we are part of, that we are. And that is healing.

Dominant species

And yes, of course, it helps to know about the world, in order to Embrace it. So I’ll continue to check out the news now and then and look at documentaries, and glans at my friends facebook pages once in a while.

I will continue to be curious about almost everything but focus on my mutual relations – close and wide. That is my New Year resolution.

The Bisophere

All photos are taken yesterday in Tjörnarp, outside Höör, in the south of Sweden.

2018-01-02 by Stina Deurell


A Double Perspective – Being the Embrace and the Embraced

Being the Embrace and the embraced

You’ve probably seen the videos and the cartoons, maybe shared some of them yourself, where Mother Earth is crying or being wrathful against humanity, or Gaia hates her humans, seeing us as germs, hoping to get rid of us, fast.

Yes, we humans have messed up this planet, immensely. Especially the ones of us, who consume the most. Our feelings of fear and guilt are appropriate human emotions, but to project those emotions onto the Biosphere is neither right nor does it solve anything.

When we lean out into the Embrace of the Biosphere or any of our wider Embraces, what we experience is that we are held, unconditionally. The Embrace of the Biosphere holds me. I’m at home. I belong here.

When we take the perspective as the Biosphere, we are life on Earth, holding all living beings, including all humans, unconditionally.

And we can enter into a double perspective where we are the Embrace of the Biosphere and this human being at the same time. Being the Embrace and the embraced. Holding and being held. A two-way relation with an expanded self.

Great, no guilt, no angry Gaia, just unconditional Embraces! So I can keep going and continue to consume and I don’t have to think about other species or future generations? Not exactly.

When I know that I’m the whole Biosphere, that there is no separation, there is a lot of work to do and changes to make. But they are made from a creative and loving place. A place inside me, as this human being, and inside me as the Embrace of the Biosphere. A powerful place with potential for a profound transformation – inner and outer.

2017-11-14 by Stina Deurell