Join an Online Embrace


The coming week, week 43, we invite you to two online sessions. One is about the relationship between Humanity and the Biosphere, and the other one is a more general introduction to the method and concepts.

In both sessions, there will be time for questions, but most importantly, we will lean out into some of our wider Embraces and both experience that we belong and maybe gain some new insights. Read more about the sessions and sign up here! 

I’ve also put together a video of everything you need to know before you join a session. The video is in beta, and I appreciate all form of feedback. My intention is to also make a more general video about the ideas and purpose in the near future.

2017-10-23 by Stina Deurell


Deeper Belonging – Listen to a Guided Embrace

Deeper Belonging

I am a physical body, resting in the Embrace of the Universe. I belong, unconditionally.
I am a biological being, resting in the Embrace of the Biosphere. I belong, unconditionally.
I am a cultural being, resting in the Embrace of Humanity. I belong, unconditionally.

Belonging is not a feeling; it is a fact.
I’m an integrated part of the complex web of matter, life and culture.
Separation is not possible.

I’ve recorded a twelve minutes long guided Embrace, in English and Swedish, that will give you a first taste of what the Wider Embraces is about. Listen and experience the unconditional belonging. 

2017-10-16 by Stina Deurell


Flowing Again

Time for Wider Embraces to flow out into the world again. This website will, bit by bit, be filled with resources:

  • Guided Embraces – experience the Wider Embraces yourself.
  • Online events where we take collective perspectives together.
  • Blog posts with ideas and theories around belonging, relating, consciousness, perspectives and much more.

It has now been five years of exploration, guided by the question “Who is Embracing?”. Every time I think I got what this is about, there is a new turn, a new insight.

In March this year, I was sure we had it all set, we were a dedicated group of friends and a well-developed method to present. So we invited a circle of friends. In May, a new insight struck – It has to be clear that Wider Embraces is more than a method, it has implications that may challenge your worldview. And at its core, it is about the relationship between Humanity and the Biosphere.

This new turn made it necessary to reorganise, again. Close down some parts and open to new possibilities and you, who read this, have the opportunity to join and be part of the future development.

Flowing again

At this turning point in the life of the Wider Embraces Project, it’s time to honour everyone who has contributed.  The ones who have been part of exploring the Embraces and developing the method from scratch. I’m especially thinking of the beautiful, playful group of ladies in Höör and my circle of integral friends from around Sweden. Every one of you has contributed in so many ways, with heart and mind, with your knowledge and time. Without you, the Wider Embraces would not be.

Now it’s time to take the next step together, old and new friends, inside all our wider Embraces!

2017-09-14 by Stina Deurell