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Alignment, Climate and Biosphere

Send an e-mail to if you would like to join online meetings where we lean out into our wider Embraces with focus on the relation between Humanity and the Biosphere. It’s free; we do this together for the planet.

Planet Earth

Guidelines for participating

Please read these guidelines before joining any Wider Embraces meeting.

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What’s More Going On?

Personal Online Session – Open

Do you have a relational issue or feel stuck? The Wider Embraces method is a powerful tool to get a wider perspective on any issues. You will gain new insights and also open the situation for healing through alignment.

You pay after the session. You choose how much depending on the value you received and your financial situation. You are very welcome to contact Stina if you are interested.

Development and Biosphere – Closed

An online group in Swedish with experienced members meeting twice a week. Focus on the relation between Humanity and the Biosphere and developing the Wider Embraces method and ideas.

Theory and Exploration – Semi-Closed

Online meetings in different settings, where we explore our wider Embraces and elaborate on the theoretical framework. Contact Stina if you are interested, and you will get an invitation when there is an opening.

Organisations – Open

I have worked with a few organisations, and I feel a considerable potential. It would like to dive deeper into this together with a company or an NGO in Sweden who want to both look inwards into their organisation and outwards to its surroundings. If you are interested, please contact me.