Join us in Our Wider Embraces

Wider Embraces is about belonging and taking perspectives. It’s a method, a path, a way of experiencing the world. To read about it will give you some ideas, to get it, you have to lean out into your wider Embraces.

Listening to a recorded Guided Embrace

Recorded Guided Embrace

The best way to get a taste of the Wider Embraces is to listen to a recorded Guided Embrace. We will record new ones now and then.

Join an online session

Join an Online Session

It’s perfect to lean out into our Wider Embraces together online. During 2019 there will be plenty of opportunities. Sign up to our newsletter below and we’ll inform you about when and how.

7 Days of Rest – Online

As part of the global 7 Days of Rest and Reflection 2019, we offer an opportunity to get a taste of the Wider Embraces. 

SE: Lugna veckan i Höör

Vi startar året med en lung vecka i Höör med många Omfamningar, promenader och annat.