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The Five-Week Experience

This is what we did during summer 2018. There will be similar events in the future.

Five Week Experience of the Wider Embraces

For the Brave Ones

During this five weeks, we will question some basic assumptions about the world. If you enjoy having your ideas challenged, this is for you.

  • We use the up-to-date scientific findings as our map – but challenges the materialistic worldview by offering a method that let us experience it from a first-person perspective.
  • We see the individual as the core subject – but challenges the individualistic worldview by offering a real collective perspective.
  • We see spiritual experiences as valid – but challenges the religious worldview by offering alternative interpretations of what is seen as inner personal or other-worldly experiences.

What you will Experience

Week 1. Belonging – Physical, Biological and Cultural


Our world is a wonder of beauty, connectedness and complexity. We use the scientific worldview as our map and explore it from the inside.

It’s one thing to know that we are made up of the same stuff as everything else in the Universe, that we are related to all living beings on the planet and that we are part of one global culture – another to experience it first-hand and feel our deep belonging throughout a multitude of nested Embraces.

Week 2. Perspectives – The Embrace of me

We make our first shift in perspective, going from being identified with this single human being, to lean out into the Embrace of me. Holding all parts of me. A shift from being the one looking out through my eyes, to be the awareness, the Embrace, holding all of me. This can sound strange, but it’s very natural and relaxing when you get it.

We talk about perspectives, about the objective world and being aware of it, and being aware as it. This is a riddle and the only way to solve it is to do it.

Week 3. Relations – The Embrace of the Group

We take our first collective perspective leaning out into the Embrace of the group. Shifting from being a person aware of the group; to be aware as the Embrace of the group.

We talk about how we relate in different ways; to each other and to groups we belong to. What is the relation between the parts and the whole and between the parts?

Week 4. Unconditionally – My Personal Wider Embraces

To this weeks meetings, everyone brings a personal Embrace. It can be the Embrace of one’s family, workplace or any other team you are part of. You will take the perspective of that Embrace and hold everyone unconditionally, including yourself. Insights may arise. Everyone’s integrity will be kept safe because you only have access to the group, not its members.

In the theory part, we dive into the difference between belonging conditionally and unconditionally. This is connected to time and we will touch on the notion of The Now.

Week 5. Alignment – Our Planetary Embraces

Time for our planetary Wider Embraces – Ecology from the inside. Being all life on Earth, including Humanity. A first-hand experience of the relation between Humanity and all life on Earth. And it’s not what you may think; there is no guilt, no blame, only an open invitation to align.

We talk about alignment and belonging and how we can use the Wider Embraces in our personal lives and on a planetary scale.

What other says

The best method ever to get in alignment with yourself and the rest of the universe.

Don’t miss out on the exceptional feeling of truly understand how you are an integrated part of this beautiful planet we live on.

Or use it as a way to get instant healing and therapy without having to go to a healer or therapist.

Annelie Nilsson, Coach and Change Agent

I have tried a variety of different techniques in both self-exploring and meditation over the years. In Wider Embraces, I have found what I’ve been looking for.

To be able to take the perspective of the collective is amazing and has given me a profound experience that I wish more people will get.

Evamarie Braf

In the Wider Embraces we play with perspectives which has helped me to solve problems in many everyday situations, and to take a much broader view on reality.

WE has also helped me to feel, and honour the animating force of life, this abundance of creativity. And it has deepened my joyful care for everything alive.

Gisela Steenbuck, Transformative Coach and Facilitator

The Wider Embraces has given me a new perspective on myself as a human being, and on the earth and the universe.

WE helps me feel more connected to life and all other living beings, coming closer to the circle of life. That feeling of belonging makes me feel grounded and calm, and I have enjoyed every session.

Anna Flärd

With the embraces, I am not stuck with the perspective of the small personal self, but I can always come back to the personal perspective and see it as an integrated part of something bigger.

I look forward to keeping working with WE since I think it will benefit people’s lives and the planet.

Staffan Frimodt, Student