Leaning out into all Our Wider Embraces Together

The Planetary Self-Healing System

Wider Embraces is about our shared spaces, the collective side of our lives. It is possible to lean out into a wider Embraces by yourself, but it’s by far easier and more powerful, to do it together.


Allt Höör Ihop – Meetings in Höör, Sweden.

Join an Open Online Guided Embrace

It works surprisingly well to meet online and lean out into some wider Embraces together. Stina will guide us and everyone can contribute. It’s both healing and thought-provoking.

Everything you need to know before joining your first meeting, including the link to our Zoom room.

Upcoming Online Opportunities

See all available dates and sign up at our Doodle.

The meetings are free of charge, though donations are welcome.

Get Noted About New Opportunities

Send an e-mail to stina@widerembraces.org, and you will get information when there are new dates added to the Doodle. To get updated now and then on what is going on, subscribe to the newsletter in the footer.

When I meditate, I have a hard time being focused, especially in the beginning. But when I lean out in the wider Embraces together with others, it’s like my mind drops instantly and I am fully there, effortlessly.

Naima Clevenhag

I have tried a variety of different techniques in both self-exploring and meditation over the years. In Wider Embraces, I have found what I’ve been looking for.

To be able to take the perspective of the collective is amazing and has given me a profound experience that I wish more people will get.

Evamarie Braf

Do some Reading if You Like

If you want to get a better idea about WE before joining a session, here are some reading tips for you. Though, it works great to join a session and just experience it.

With the embraces, I am not stuck with the perspective of the small personal self, but I can always come back to the personal perspective and see it as an integrated part of something bigger.

I look forward to keeping working with WE since I think it will benefit people’s lives and the planet.

Staffan Frimodt, Student

Explore the Embraces of Your Life – Private Sessions

Personal – Me and my Relations

This is for you who feel that your relations could become better, including the relationships to yourself, your close ones and the world.

Alignment, healing and belonging happen gently and easily, when you become aware of your wider Embraces, rest in them unconditionally, and take them as your first-person perspective. You gain both an emotional shelter and intellectual insights. You may even get a whole new view of the world.

Online for around 90 minutes

We meet online, using the Zoom platform. A session takes around one hour and a half. We will talk briefly about your issues, then I’ll guide you out into the Embraces where your issues are found and some wider ones. In the end, we reflect on what came up.

Your privacy is safe

I can’t see what is going on in your private Embraces, but I can feel the energy shifting, and guide you on your path. The insights are yours to make, I’m holding the space.

Fair payment

You pay what you think is fair according to what you got out of it and your financial situation.

Sign up!

Send me an e-mail, if you think this can be something for you. stina@widerembraces.org

PS It’s a good idea to join an open online session to get some ideas about the method before diving into a private session.

Most remarkable coaching. I’m genuinely impressed, both with the outcome of the session and by how Stina works.

She opened up a truly open-minded arena for me to play on, and she confidently dealt with the trickiest issues of my mind. Issues, aspects and insights kept turning up during the session, through which three outstanding break-throughs happened.

I very seldom give a five-star rating. But as I listened to the recording of my session, I can not find anything that lessens a top star rating, and full-hearted recommendation.

Ola, Energy Healer, DJ


For Organisations – Development and Insights

Organisation – Development and Insights

If you are part of an organisation where you struggle with internal or external problems that you can’t really set your finger on, a wider perspective might help.

Or, you work professionally with leadership and organisation development, and you wonder if WE could fit in your toolbox.

I’ve worked with a few organisations and I start to see the potential of becoming aware of and work with the Embrace of the group. And maybe even more important; between the organisation and external stakeholders, all the way out to the Planet.

Contact me and we will figure out what would suit you and your organisation the best; a workshop with everyone or part of the staff, or an online session with just a few interested people. stina@widerembraces.org