Key Concepts – Understanding the Wider Embraces

Since 2012 we’ve been evoking and exploring a collective territory with the simple question “Who is Embracing?”. This text is an attempt to make sense of what we’ve experienced, to explain it and put it into context. 

I’ve read and listened extensively to people on the frontiers of inner and outer sciences, and it has helped me to understand the Embraces, although this method is unique, and so is the theory. What sets the Wider Embraces apart is the collective aspect; that we can take everything we belong to as our first-person perspective, and we do it together in a shared space. The Embraces are also a doorway into stillness, oneness and the unconditional.

Experience First – Theory Second

You can’t understand the Wider Embraces, by reading this. The real understanding comes from leaning out into your wider Embraces; feeling the belonging, taking the perspectives and finding alignment. I also recommend that you read about the method before diving into this theory section.

Four Chapters – Four Aspects of the Embraces

Each chapter explores one aspect of the Embraces; it’s four ways of looking at the same thing.

  • Belonging – Our outer world and what constitutes an Embrace.
  • Relations – Our relations to each other and the world of Embraces.
  • Perspectives – What is happening inside me when I work with the Embraces.
  • Alignment – How do I live an embraced life.

A Human Perspective

This text is mainly written from the human perspective. If I was an atom, or a fox, or a colony of aliens in another solar system; my perspective would be very different. Wider Embraces brings an awareness of our particular narrow view, and the existence of the billions of Embraces we are not part of. It’s okay to be limited, as long as you are aware of it. 

Sources of Inspiration and Fancy Words

In this text, I’ve chosen to not refer to all the people who have inspired me and made it possible for me to make sense of the Wider Embraces. But you will find many of them mentioned in my presentation. I’ve also chosen to use as few fancy words as possible, but the topic demands the use of some.

A Work in Progress

Later on I might dive into details in other texts or maybe rewrite this one. But for now this text is here to give you a hint, an overview. And I’m sure that this is not my final understanding of the Wider Embraces, but this is one way of making sense of it right now, in the fall of 2019.

I’m looking forward to keeping developing both the method and the understanding together with you. And most of all I’m looking forward to meeting you in some of our mutual Embraces.

A huge thank you to Staffan Frimodt and Annelie Nilsson for being my sounding boards, to Kristian Stålne and Ola Jannhov for valuable comments and Matthew Painton for great proofreading.

Höör, Sweden 2019-08
Stina Deurell

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