Dancing the Ecological Web – The Tree and the Fungi

We danced the relations between species in an ecosystem.

Åse was a tree, and I was the fungi decomposing her fallen leaves.
Moving together in a slow and connected dance.

She and her seedlings needed me to create soil for them.
When the seedlings grew, I could spread my hyphens further away.

Expanding and moving together.
No life without the other.

No idea about freedom.

2019-05-14 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies

Eurasia – Where I can Walk Around

We became aware of our wast continent; Eurasia. The landmass we are living on. Living in its north-west corner.

As cultural beings, our minds are turned towards the Atlantic; Asia is far away, America is close.

But I can walk or bike to China, India and Irak.
I can go by train from the railway station in my village to the other side of the continent.

The wolfs and birds roam across the continent, the plants too, but slow.

The deep divide between Europe, the Middle East and Asia is cultural, not biological and geographical.

An amazing, new feeling of belonging to our whole continent, not only to the Scandinavian peninsula or the European corner but to all of it. Wow, my home got broader and more diverse.

2019-05-14 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Biological, Physical, Planet Earth

Embraces and Centre Poles

This Sunday evening we leaned out into a diverse, newly formed group we are members of. As expected we couldn’t find an Embrace of the Group. But we found a centre pole in the middle with some Embraces circling around it and on its side.

The centre pole turned out to be the founder, and the shape was one of integrity.

Yesterday we explored this shape further.

Leaning out into the Embrace of me, being the Embrace.
Shifting into the form of its centre pole.
Huge difference; standing firmly in the world.

Leaning out into the Embrace of the Group, being the Embrace.
Shifting into the form of its centre pole.
Powerful to be an upright oval together.

Leaning out into the Embrace of the Planet, being the Embrace.
Shifting into being the Earth’s axis.

Wow, that was something. I’m visible. Stretching out through the North and South poles.
I am reaching out into the Solar system, into the Galaxy and the Universe.
I’m a statement.

2019-05-02 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies

Embryogenesis – Growth and Form

I am a fertilised egg in the middle of the circle.
All I have to do is divide and grow, divide and grow, divide and grow …
And I do, and it’s lovely to be lifeforce.

What cells will turn into nerves, brain, eyes, lungs, kidneys, muscles, skin;
Is not my job. I don’t have a plan, only potential.

The swirling blankets; the morphic fields, danced by my friends,
are the patterns that have been repeated billion of times.
The patterns now forming me.


2019-04-23 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Biological, Human body

Without Time – I am the Planet

The atoms that make up my body right now
have been part of this planet for billions of years.

They have been everywhere;
in the oceans, in the air, on land and deep down in the crust.

Without time
I am the whole planet

2019-04-23 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Physical, Planet Earth

Letting Healing Happen

Being the Embrace of Humanity.
Holding everything that is me, unconditionally.
Slightly leaning inwards.

Letting the subtle energy flow within all of me.
Doing its healing work.
Me doing nothing.
Just not holding it back.

Being the Embrace of the Biosphere …

Being the Embrace of me, this human being …

2019-04-08 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Healing, Unconditionally

Cell Division and Being Me

Yesterday we played with the transition from being only procaryote cells on Earth to become eucaryote cells. And then going from being only single cell organisms, to become multicell beings. Links below.

The most striking insight I got was when we were one cell (four ladies under one blanket), and we made a cell division and became two cells (two times two ladies under two blankets). Suddenly what was Me was just half Me! The other half was not Me anymore — strange feeling.

A more subtle insight came when we formed a multicell organism (four ladies under one blanket each, under one joint blanket). The conflict between freedom and security started here, and it’s still around. As a cell in a multicell organism, I’m both a Me and a part of the larger Me. I have less freedom as the single cell, but more power and abilities as the multicell. It’s the same all the way up and down.

The same type of experience repeated itself, at the end of our meeting, when we leaned out into the Embrace of the Group. For a moment, I was only the Embrace of the Group, the personal perspective was totally gone. It was a bit scary to lose myself so much. Normally I have a double or a triple view; the personal Me, the Guide and the Embrace.

How we think complex cells evolved – Adam Jacobson
The Origin Of Multi-Cellular Life Start at 4.50

2019-04-01 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Cell, Consciousness, Subjectivity

The Embrace of Humanity Shifting

The four of us were gathered for our monthly meeting yesterday, and in the end, we sat down and leaned out into our wider Embraces. We decided to focus on Humanity.

We sat with this perspective for a long time, being the Embrace, holding all Humans, unconditionally.

The Embrace of Humanity in itself was, as always, a calm presence.
The embraced, all humans and our culture, was a stressful, viscous swarm.

Suddenly we all felt that the energy shifted. It became fluid, harmonious and congruent.

Something happened, what happened and if it has any impact on the world outside us, we don’t know. But the evidence of prayer and meditation impacting the outer world are significant.

2019-04-01 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Humanity

The Planet has no Opinions

As the Embrace of Planet Earth, I am what I am right now, unconditionally.

Today I’m a planet with cows and humans.
Some time ago I was a planet with dinosaurs.
Further back I was mainly home to bacteria and algae.
Tomorrow something new.

Though as the Embrace of the Planet, I don’t remember and I have no plans.
My memory is the present moment.
My plan is the unfolding of my next moment.

As a human being inside the Embrace of the Planet, I’m disappointed.
I would like to be guided and led. Being told what to do and not.
Be given some moral guidance.

Though I know the deep difference between the unconditional Embraces and the conditional relations between its parts. The difference between objects and subjectivity, between introrelations and interrelations. Between oneness and separation. We live inside both.


2019-03-28 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Biosphere, Unconditionally

The Human Culture with Confidence

When we rested in the Embrace of the Human Culture there was a new energy.
More heart, more harmonious, more confident.
Humanity was One.

When we took the perspective as the Embrace of the Human Culture, there was no impulse to become aware of the Embrace of the Biosphere and be held by it, as it usually is.

Maybe it has more to do with what we tuned into than that something has changed.
We are tuning into our cultural history; how it started several hundred thousand years ago.
Fire, cooking, tools, dancing, painting, stories, farming, technology, society and so on.

How we develop and add knowledge generation by generation.
How we love to express and share.
How our modern technology let us do that this on a global scale.
One human culture with many local variations.

2019-03-07 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Humanity