WE is about who I am

Yes, WE is about the feeling of belonging to everything I’m part of.
Yes, WE is about gaining new insights from wider perspectives.
Yes, WE is about healing through alignment with all my wider Embraces.

But at its core WE is not about feeling, gaining or healing anything.
Wider Embraces is about who I am, about truth. 

2019-10-24 by Stina Deurell

Stina by herself
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One Life, Many Deaths

All life on Earth is the result of one cell dividing, transforming and merging for almost four billion years; forming all the species on the planet, our immense family tree.

There is no beginning of my life, other than that first cell.
The egg from my mother was alive. The sperm from my father was alive.
They merged and formed something new, but life was there all the time.

Death is always personal and has always been.
Cells and bodies die, cease to exist; while life reuses all the parts.

Only one life,
but many deaths

2019-07-04 by Stina Deurell

The Ladies
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