Notes from our Wider Embraces

These are notes from our Wider Embraces sessions. They are written in a short form, and the primary purpose is for us to remember what happened.

You are welcome to read, but if you are not familiar with the Wider Embraces concepts, it can be a bit hard to get what it’s all about.

Though you can always read it as poetry and find your own associations!

Notes from the Wider Embraces

We leaned out into the Embrace of Humanity, focusing on greed, wrath and gluttony. It’s a lot of that going on, on all levels. But, we humans are also very eager to limit it, on all levels.

We changed our focus to human goodness. Feeling into all the kindness, fairness, and impressive achievements, we, as Humanity, have accomplished.

The overarching story in the Embrace of Humanity is that we should limit all evil and expand all good. We can discuss the details, and it’s a never-ending task, but we agree on the idea.

Well, we changed our perspective to the Embrace of the Biosphere.
And our human story broke down. Painfully.
Hitting the hard borders of the planet and all other living beings.

From the perspective of the Planet, the internal human goodness is seen as greed, wrath and gluttony. One species is exploiting all others in order to be good to each other.

Where are the limits of good, all the way up and down?

Some context around “perspective blindness” is found in the Key Concepts section.

2020-01-22 by Stina Deurell
Various Meetings
Tags: Alignment, Biosphere, Humanity, Responsibility

I’ve dipped into the meta-awareness of all Embraces now and then for a long time. Sensing into the complex structure of all the diverse Embraces. The inside view of the complexity of the manifest world.

This time it was ‘One Embracing Structure’ forming many Embraces.

Bottom-up turned into top-down.
The One and the Many in an eternal dance.

2020-01-11 by Stina Deurell
Various Meetings
Tags: Consciousness

Resting in the Embrace of Humanity, sensing into our creativity and the joy we get from developing and sharing all types of expressions with each other. Building an extraordinary planetary culture together.

Seeing grey bubbles floating around in the Embrace of Humanity. Our shadows; our denied parts, the dark downsides of our expansion.

Embracing the bubbles, feel how they pop open and dissolve.
Healing all of us in our unconditional Embrace.

2019-12-30 by Stina Deurell
Guided Embraces online
Tags: Humanity, Shadow

As this single human being, I see how we, humans, are destroying life on Earth. We produce nuclear waste, are spreading chemicals everywhere, and are erupting the climate. We are at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction.

As the Embrace of Planet Earth, I’m complete and whole, right now and here. I hold all my parts and everything that is going on, unconditionally.
Nothing to change, nothing to do.
I am perfect.

Can you grasp the paradox that both these views are genuinely true?
That there is no choice between them.

We live both inside and outside the flow of time:
– With memories of the past and ideas of a future. Where things matter.
– In an eternal Now.

We are both parts and the whole:
– Relating to everything around me that is not me.
– Embracing everything I belong to.

We are both held conditionally and unconditionally:
– Being loved and seen for who I am and what I accomplished.
– Being accepted, whoever I am, whatever I do.

I am one of many.
I am the Embrace of all.

Separation is true.
Oneness is true.

To heal, we need both views.

2019-12-06 by Stina Deurell
Guided Embraces online
Tags: Belonging, Consciousness, Paradox, Unconditionally

Yes, WE is about the feeling of belonging to everything I’m part of.
Yes, WE is about gaining new insights from wider perspectives.
Yes, WE is about healing through alignment with all my wider Embraces.

But at its core WE is not about feeling, gaining or healing anything.
Wider Embraces is about who I am, about truth. 

2019-10-24 by Stina Deurell
Stina by herself
Tags: I am, Life

All my wider Embraces are not merely possible perspectives I can take. They are who I am. I am nested holograms, all the way out and in.

I am one of all physical bodies in the Universe.
I belong to the Embrace of the Universe.
The Embrace of the Universe is part of who I am.

I am one of all living beings on planet Earth.
I belong to the Embrace of the Biosphere.
The Embrace of the Biosphere is part of who I am.

I am one of all humans forming the human culture.
I belong to the Embrace of Humanity.
The Embrace of Humanity is part of who I am.

I am a part.
I belong.
I am.

In integral circles there is a popular psychological process: “The 3-2-1 Process uses shifts in perspective as a way of identifying and integrating shadow material. “3-2-1” refers to 3rd-person, 2nd-person, and 1st-person — the perspectives that we move through in this exercise”.

In the Wider Embraces context, we do the same but on the wider, collective side of reality. Going outwards, instead of inwards. 

2019-10-23 by Stina Deurell
Stina by herself
Tags: Belonging, Consciousness, Personal, Relationships

As the Embrace of the Group, we felt warm, red, energetic and vast.
So vast that anything could fit in.
We let the planet slide in, merging the Embrace of the Planet and the Embrace of the Group.

The Embrace of the Planet holding the space, now.
The unconditional acceptance.
We humans, adding agency and future.
The potential for improvement.

A strong feeling of alignment and something new emerging.

2019-10-10 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Future, Group, Humans, Planet Earth, Unconditionally

We became aware of all the plants and animals we humans have cultivated during the last ten thousand years. How livestock, pets, crops, timber trees and humans have come to dominate the planet.

We leaned out into the Embrace of the Cultivated and took it as our perspective.

Uncomfortably full.
Near to erupt.
Couldn’t move, because nowhere to go.

The Embrace didn’t wont to let go of us; I promised that we will be back and immediately was released.

It was an unusual perspective, a forgotten one, but a significant one. We all live inside the Embrace of the Cultivated every minute of our lives; it’s part of who we are.

2019-09-26 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Biosphere, Humanity

We started out as usual with becoming aware of, and resting in, the Embrace of the Universe, the Biosphere and Humanity. From there, we always move into the Embrace of Me, of the Group and the choice of the session.

But tonight Humanity didn’t let go of us. The Embrace felt creative, proud and calm, and not stuck as in our last session. We figured that we had tuned in to a different place this time.

We felt a strong energy going through us, mainly in our foreheads, chests and hands. There was an image of Humanity being well integrated into the Biosphere. Our intuition is that this whole experience came from either the future or something outside the planet.

When we have experiences like this, it’s tempting to start to build a world-view that will explain it; to give names, make drawings and try to put it in a nice box. The challenge is to hold it lightly, without denying what is happening.

2019-08-19 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Humanity

All life on Earth is the result of one cell dividing, transforming and merging for almost four billion years; forming all the species on the planet, our immense family tree.

There is no beginning of my life, other than that first cell.
The egg from my mother was alive. The sperm from my father was alive.
They merged and formed something new, but life was there all the time.

Death is always personal and has always been.
Cells and bodies die, cease to exist; while life reuses all the parts.

Only one life,
but many deaths

2019-07-04 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Biological, Body, Cell, Life

The atoms that are me right now changes with every breath, every sip, every bite.
The cells that are me right now changes with every cell that divides or dies.
The ideas and knowledge that are me right now change with every interaction.

I’m a constant flow of matter, life and culture.
And I am the Embrace of all of this.

The Embrace of me is constant because it’s only present right now.
To change, you need a past and a future.

2019-06-16 by Stina Deurell
Stina by herself
Tags: Personal, Unconditionally

After two intense days together exploring 2waveFuture, we sat down for our final Wider Embraces session.

We leaned out into the Embrace of the Group, experiencing a calm density in the beginning and then a shift into a darker place. Going back and forth between being in that space and being that space.

As the guide, I got the impulse to invite planet Earth into the Embrace of our Group. And it was there. Spinning fast.

After a while, we felt energy being pulled out of our hands, like in a traditional healing session.
The spinning slowed down, and the feeling became lighter.

Most of us have been working with energy healing, and we know the feeling when the client starts to draw energy. It’s not us doing it; it’s a need that is drinking an opportunity.

Up until now, we have kept the size of the Embraces reflecting the material reality. Our group is smaller than the planet, so we are part of the Embrace of the Planet, not the other way around. I still think that is a great principal in general, but a group of humans can move beyond space and time. We can use intention and imagination, and we have agency.

Being the Embrace of planet Earth, holding all of me, unconditionally, is one quality.
Being the Embrace of the Group, holding planet Earth, intentionally, is another quality, with another potential.

Open mind, open heart
Being there for our Planet
No idea about the outcome

2019-06-02 by Stina Deurell
The Ladies
Tags: Alignment, Planet Earth