The Planetary Self-Healing System

The Planetary Self-Healing System

Does climate change, the ongoing sixth mass extinction, and all other environmental crises, making you feel scared, angry or overwhelmed, or all of it at once?

Would you like to be part of a ‘Planetary Self-Healing System’ and work for an aligned future on Earth?

Are you open to new insights that might be contrary to your current beliefs? Do you have some experience of meditation, healing and alike?

If so, this is for you. Welcome!

Join a Personal Online Guided Embrace

Before leaning out into the Embrace of the Planet and taking it as your first-person perspective, make yourself at home in your personal Embraces and the Embrace of the Group.

To do this a few times, will help you start to distinguish between your own emotions and thoughts, and the experiences and perspectives of the Embraces. See more under Personal.

Do some Reading

To get a deeper understanding of the Wider Embraces, please do some reading. Look around and familiarise yourself with the ideas:

Ask to be Invited to Our ‘Planetary Self-Healing’ Sessions

When you are well prepared and feel it’s time for you to lean out into our Planetary Embraces, write me an email

We meet online for around 90 minutes including check-in at the beginning and some sharing at the end.

Everything about participating in WE Online Meetings.


Allt Höör ihop

Allt Höör ihop. Fyra tisdagsträffar i Höör.

The best method ever to get in alignment with yourself and the rest of the universe.

Don’t miss out on the exceptional feeling of truly understanding how you are an integrated part of this beautiful planet we live on.

Or use it as a way to get instant healing and therapy without having to go to a healer or therapist.

Annelie Nilsson, Coach and Change Agent


With the embraces, I am not stuck with the perspective of the small personal self, but I can always come back to the personal perspective and see it as an integrated part of something bigger.

I look forward to keeping working with WE since I think it will benefit people’s lives and the planet.

Staffan Frimodt, Student