How to do it? The Wider Embraces Method

Being the Embrace and the embraced

How to Embrace the World and Become It

Wider Embraces is at its core a question “Who is Embracing?”. It is through this question we explore aspects of the world that usually are hidden from us. Hidden from our normal, separate self, but visible when we lean out into our wider Embraces.

In this text, I’ll explain the method we use. To get it, you have to join a session online or in person. You can’t taste a cake by reading a receipt, but you can become hungry.

1. Become Aware of our Connectedness through Facts

First, we decide which wider Embraces we would like to work with. It can be Humanity, the Biosphere, the Universe, our country, our family, or anything else we belong to.

Then we share the knowledge we have about this Embrace, focusing on how we are an integrated part of the Embrace. We use the latest scientific findings and our own experiences.

If we, for example, choose the Biosphere, we talk about how we living beings on planet Earth together form one huge, global ecosystem. How each one of us is the result of a more than three billion years long unbroken chain of life and that we all are related, we are one huge family tree.

Or if we choose to work with our families or an organisation we belong to, we start with becoming aware of each and everyone involved and how we are connected. Maybe it’s an issue we would like to look into; then we talk about it briefly.

When we have established our mental image of belonging, we move into the next phase.

2. Becoming Aware of the Embrace Holding Us

We then become aware of the Embrace we wish to work with. Noticing that it has been there all the time. It can take some practice to recognise and tune into our wider Embraces, but after a while, you become familiar with the sensation of becoming aware of one.

We don’t create our Embraces; as soon as there is something with an inside and an outside, there is an Embrace. We can create the foundation for them; forming a group, building a company. But the Embrace itself is not made; it’s the subjectivity of the object. You don’t have to understand that last sentence to experience your wider Embraces.

3. Resting in our Wider Embrace – Deeper Belonging

When we are aware of the Embrace, we rest in it. Feel our deep belonging, being at home, unconditionally. Our minds relax, stomachs may make some noises, muscles release their tension. It’s like taking a warm bath.

Many of us struggle with the feeling of not belonging, and I’m one of them. With the Wider Embraces method, I’ve got a new sense of deep belonging. I’ve become more integrated and present in both my closer relations and on a planetary scale.

Sometimes it’s fine to just stay with the awareness of an Embrace and rest in it, but there are three more active steps we can take.

4. Shifting Perspective to a Wider Embrace

When we are aware of a wider Embrace, we can lean out into it and become it. Take it as our first-person perspective. Sensing and feeling from another viewpoint; a perspective that includes and transcends the personal me. All of this probably sounds strange, and it is, in the beginning.

The shift is happening in an instant, there is nothing between being me, and being the Embrace. It’s one perspective or the other, though I can move back and forth and sometimes it can be a bit unclear where we are, that is ok.

5. Sensing from Another Level – Gaining Insights

When we are identified as a wider Embrace, we start to talk from that perspective, as the wider Embrace:
– As the Embrace of the Family/Humanity/Planet, I feel/see/sense …

We can also express our personal view of being inside the Embrace:
– As Stina in the Embrace of the Family/Humanity/Planet, I feel/see/sense …

It’s important not to project our humaneness 
onto the Embraces. We don’t know how it is to be the Embrace of the Biosphere, so we have to listen with an open mind and heart. We also avoid all types of religious or spiritual language, and we keep it short, during the session.

The insights we get varies a lot. Often it’s insights around belonging and our role in the Embrace. We write down some of it in the Notes section.

Different Places

Most of the time it’s clear to us that we are all speaking from the same perspective, it’s one perspective with many voices, the same Embrace expressing itself through us.

Though sometimes we are not in the same place, and then it gets interesting. For example, the time we leaned out into the Embrace of Sweden and ended up in three different perspectives. That led us to differentiate between physical, biological and cultural Embraces. Sweden as a cultural Embrace, a state, the Swedish people as a biological Embrace and the Scandinavian peninsula as a physical Embrace. All three important but very different.

6. Alignment – Heal what we Embrace

Identified as an Embrace, we can lean slightly inwards holding all our parts, unconditionally. This is the other side of the “resting and belonging” we did at the beginning of the session. Then we were parts resting in the embrace of the whole; now we are the whole embracing its parts.

As soon as we start to lean inwards, we often feel a strong, subtle energy field. We think of this as a field of alignment, and it feels very healing. Letting my parts find their place in the whole, all the way up and down.

7. Share and Reflect

After a session, it’s good to reflect together and share what we experienced and how we make sense of it.

Can I join?

You are already part of all your wider Embraces. The Wider Embraces Method only helps you become aware of them. So in one way, you have already joined!

It’s an advantage if you have some experience of being silent and aware of your emotions and bodily sensations, but you can also use the Wider Embraces as a training tool to develop that capacity. Because we work together, there is the support of the group, that helps keep us focused and sense together.

If you have some psychological vulnerability, it might be a good idea to refrain from participating and especially from taking the Embraces as your first-person perspective. The method is relatively new and not tested in any therapeutic setting. You are responsible for your wellbeing and safety, though so far no one has got hurt, and we intend it to stay safe. 

How long time does it take before I get it?

For some people, it’s an instant revelation and a natural step. For others, it takes practice; it did for me. At first, it was just a vague intuition of something, a short shift of perception. But everyone who has given it a bit of time has been able to make the shift. Most people feel a deep belonging in their first session.

Where – IRL or Online?

Wider Embraces works perfectly in online sessions, and of course, it’s great to do it in person as well. When we are together physically, we have more options to play with, including moving around and interact in different ways. Meeting online creates a more focused mode and let us meet around the globe and for shorter sessions.

Together is the Thing!

It is possible to lean out into a wider Embraces by yourself, but it’s by far easier and more powerful to do it together. Wider Embraces is about our shared spaces and the shift out into the Embrace of the present Group is the easiest one.